Terms of Use/ Service

By using our services you automatically agree to these rules.


Self promoting or advertising will result in a ban from our services, no exeptions.


Respect peoples privacy, don't leak DMs or their information without their permission.


This is a Roblox server mostly full of under 18s, sending anything Not Safe for Work will result in a instant 48h mute, if the offense is repeated it will be a ban from all of our services.


Please keep the chats English Only, speaking other languages will result in a mute.


Swearing is allowed however racism or derogatory comments will result in punishment.

Common sense

Not all rules are listed here but use your brain and don't say/ do things that are obviously not ok.

Leaking/ Cracking

Attempting to leak or crack our services will result in a imediate ban from all of our services, if you attempt to crack premium services you will not only recieve punishment on our end but you will also be blacklisted from all scripts using Lua Guard.


Our services are free, using them to make profit is strictly againt our tos, doing so will result in legal action. (Auto-farming is an exeption)